• 25 Events

  • Over 600 of Volunteer Hours valued at +$7,500

  • Activation of Community Action through Crowdsourcing Strategy - Earth Month in the Heights and Plastic Free July in the Heights

  • Community Building through Sustainability Fair (April), Caledonia Day (June), and 2nd Heights Eco Fair (October)

  • 2,500lbs of hard to recycle materials collected and repurposed

  • 18 months of CHGT Recycling Education and Outreach contributed to reduction in recycling pollution in Cleveland Heights: 82.5% of the material placed in residents' recycling bins, exceed the City's 80% goal.

  • Advocacy work for the development of a Climate Action Plan in Cleveland Heights

  • Welcomed new partnerships and collaborations with influential organizations in the environment and health space

  • Hosted "From Trash to Treasure" - 1st CH-UH Art Students Upcycled Art Exhibit

  • 72% of 2022 goals achieved, 21% work in progress (to be completed in 2023), 7% not achieved. See full scorecard here

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Up to now we have accomplished a lot with minimum funding. Additional resources are needed to expand our reach and amplify our impact in 2023.

Your gift, will help the Cleveland Heights Green Team build capacity to continue the work we’ve set out to do: "to reduce and to better manage local impact on our environment through advocacy, stewardship, and education."

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Happening in December

The Green Hub

Volunteer with CHGT

This event is full. Stay tuned for January and February dates

Holiday Recycle Drive

Details to come soon

A note from the CHGT

2022 has been a busy year of action in our community and beyond. We couldn't do what we do without the awesome volunteers and friends of the CHGT. To all of you who have been part of this journey, we thank you from the bottom our our hearts. To all of the new members who have recently joined the CHGT we welcome you and look forward to working together on our mission to reduce and to better manage local impact on our environment through advocacy, stewardship, and education.



Education - By sharing ideas, innovations, and a vision for a healthy and prosperous city for all, residents of Cleveland Heights will act responsibly towards the environment


By aligning citizen action with public policy, we can improve and secure the environmental quality of our community


By bringing people together we can identify socially equitable and economically viable solutions to our environmental challenges

We need AWESOME people to help us do AWESOME things in our COMMUNITY

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