Goods Bank Sorting

December 9, 2022

9 Mile Creek Cleanup in partnership with Doan Brook Watershed and Bluestone

November 19, 2022

"From Trash to Treasure" Upcycled Art Exhibit by CH-UH High School Students

Best in Show

Johanna Carlyle

"The Snow Suit"

2 D Winner: Jordyn West

Award Recipients

3 D Winner: Isabella Villanueva

2nd Heights Eco Fair October 8

October 1-8  Media Recycling Collection Drive 

Over 500lbs collected

Hundreds of Media Swapped

September 19

Reusable Bag Collection Drop Off

"CH Green Team’s most recent collection drive involved reusable shopping bags. Hundreds of them were gathered over the summer and donated this week to a new organization called the Goods Bank NEO, which just opened a warehouse in Cleveland." (Cleveland,com)

National Clean Up Day in the Heights


Noble Neighborhood with Noble Elementary School Students

Organized by the Noble Litter Busters

September 17 

Barbara Boyd Park with Girl Scouts NEO

September 22 

Forest Hill Park with Hawken Students

August 20

How do you do that? Food Too Good To Waste... Compost Instead!

Noble Gardeners' Market

August 17

Speaker Series: Climate Action in the Heights

Click here to learn more about how Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) helps develop sustainable communities 

From left to right Brian Siggers, Joe Flarida, Elena Stachew, Mayor Brennan, Mayor Weiss

Panelists with Natalie Elwell and Catalina Wagers from CHGT

July 1 - 31

July 23

July 20

Speaker Series: What is a Climate Action Plan?

June 18  

Girl Scout Daisy Troop (1st Graders) in Cleveland Heights

Learning how we can make the world a better place

June 11

 Caledonia Day

May 9

"Making our Story" Club

CHGT speaks to Avon High School Students about Sustainable Choices

May 28

Climate Action Plan 

Brainstorming Session at Coventry PEACE Campus

April 2022