Where can I?

Recycle - Upcycle - Fix

Learn to Recycle Right

Donate or Recycle Clothing

Recycle Empty Beauty & Personal Care 

Recycle Scrap Metal 

Glass Containers

Pill Bottles 

Remove labels. leaving no glue or residue 

Give and Receive

Repurpose - Reuse  - Share Join Private Group

Razors, Blades and Plastic Packaging

Writing Instruments & Packaging

#6 Rigid Plastic Cups

Program accepted waste: ONLY #6 rigid plastic cups.


Parks Beautification and Stewardship

Help Restore and Preserve our Heights' Native Plants

Help Restore the Heights' Tree Canopy

Create a Pollinator Path or Garden

Learn about local watershed health, challenges and activities

Become an Environment Advocate

Join Friends of Forest Hill Park

Support the Noble Neighbors