Where can I?

Recycle - Upcycle - Fix

Learn to Recycle Right

Donate or Recycle Clothing

Recycle Empty Beauty & Personal Care 

Recycle Scrap Metal 

Glass Containers

Pill Bottles 

Remove labels. leaving no glue or residue 

Give and Receive

Repurpose - Reuse  - Share Join Private Group

Razors, Blades and Plastic Packaging

Writing Instruments & Packaging

#6 Rigid Plastic Cups

Program accepted waste: ONLY #6 rigid plastic cups.


Parks Beautification and Stewardship

Help Restore and Preserve our Heights' Native Plants

Help Restore the Heights' Tree Canopy

Create a Pollinator Path or Garden

Learn about local watershed health, challenges and activities

Become an Environment Advocate

Join Friends of Forest Hill Park

Support the Noble Neighbors

Find free trees to plant in my property?

 plants front-yard trees for free 


Request your Tree 


plants trees on homes' tree lawns

Cleveland Heights

Call 216-691-7300 or

 email Forestry

at Shaker Lakes offers native tree information


Learn More


features 69 species of trees native to Ohio

List of local native trees providers