CHGT Speaker Series on Climate Action

This is the 2nd of CGHT Speaker Series on Climate Action.

Communities across Ohio are partnering with Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) to create carbon reduction plans and implement them in ways that are achievable, measurable, equitable, and economical.

In this forum we will explore how PCFO empowers local leaders with tools and resources that are tailored to address each community's unique needs. The conversation will provide details on PCFO's partnership with Cleveland Heights, University Heights, and Shaker Heights. Residents will have ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with the panelists.

The forum will be moderated by Brian Siggers, Advocacy Director Ohio Environmental Council. We are honored to have Brian leading the Speaker Series once again.

August 17, 2022 7.00pm - 8.30 pm

CH-UH High School Auditorium

13263 Cedar Road. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118m

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Education - By sharing ideas, innovations, and a vision for a healthy and prosperous city for all, residents of Cleveland Heights will act responsibly towards the environment


By aligning citizen action with public policy, we can improve and secure the environmental quality of our community


By bringing people together we can identify socially equitable and economically viable solutions to our environmental challenges

We need AWESOME people to help us do AWESOME things in our COMMUNITY