About Us

Our Story

Catalina, Natalie, Alex

We are Cleveland Heights residents who met in early 2021 while attending the Cuyahoga County Recycling Ambassadors Program. Our shared passion for environmental advocacy through community engagement and participation inspired us to join efforts as the Cleveland Heights Green Team. 

We believe that by connecting and working with like-minded residents, businesses, local advocacy groups, and City officials, we can achieve growth without compromising  the equity, opportunity, and right of our residents to a community that is environmentally healthy and resilient.


We envision a future where the citizens of Cleveland Heights demonstrate to our neighbors near and far, how equity, health, prosperity, and fulfilment can be achieved while safeguarding and advancing the well-being of our natural environment.


Our mission is to reduce and to better manage local impact on our environment through advocacy, stewardship, and education.

What we stand for


 We foster an environment where everyone is able to be their best self without judgement, feel comfortable and appreciated, and have a positive impact in our organization and the community


 We strive to be just, impartial, and fair in our intentions and actions towards our volunteers, our community, and our environment


 We see and celebrate the value in ourselves, our community, and our environment


We use creative and collaborative ways to find solutions to challenges and opportunities


 We stand up for what we feel is the right thing to do for our organization, our community, and our environment


 We apply a genuine positive perspective to our interactions with our surroundings


 We are curious and display an honest desire to know and understand others and our surroundings


We accomplish our goals while truly enjoying the journey together