Upcoming Events

October 30

This will be the most

spookily Green Team fun

you will ever have

Wear your

Halloween Costume

Bring gloves & used shopping bags, and join us for the 1st Cedar-Lee Halloween Clean Up & Drinks Event

November 3-14

Yard Signs Collection Drive

A super easy way to get involved with the CHGT this Fall is by participating in our post-election yard sign collection drive. We have set up drop off boxes in 5 collection points throughout the city:

Dave's Cedar-Fairmount

Dave's Severance

Zagara's Lee Road

Save-A-Lot Noble

CH Community Center

There are several ways you can help:

· Drop off your own signs

· Collect signs from your neighbors yards and drop them off

· Wait until trash collection day and do a quick drive by in your neighborhood looking for signs that have been left out at the curbside

Collect them and drop them off If you cannot drop them off, email us at greenteam@chegreenteam.org and we will pick them up.

We will sort the signs, return them to the candidates that want them back, and recycle the rest with the Cuyahoga Solid Waste District