2022 Results


  • 25 Events

  • Over 600 of Volunteer Hours valued at +$7,500

  • Activation of Community Action through Crowdsourcing Strategy - Earth Month in the Heights and Plastic Free July in the Heights

  • Community Building through Sustainability Fair (April), Caledonia Day (June), and 2nd Heights Eco Fair (October)

  • 2,500lbs of hard to recycle materials collected and repurposed

  • 18 months of CHGT Recycling Education and Outreach contributed to reduction in recycling pollution in Cleveland Heights: 82.5% of the material placed in residents' recycling bins, exceed the City's 80% goal.

  • Advocacy work for the development of a Climate Action Plan in Cleveland Heights

  • Welcomed new partnerships and collaborations with influential organizations in the environment and health space

  • Hosted "From Trash to Treasure" - 1st CH-UH Art Students Upcycled Art Exhibit

  • 72% of 2022 goals achieved, 21% work in progress (to be completed in 2023), 7% not achieved. See full scorecard here