2024 Plan


Single use plastic reduction in Cleveland Heights Restaurants

-Develop “Upon Request Only” strategy to partner with local restaurants to reduce  single use plastic waste

-Promote environmentally friendly restaurant practices (no plastic, composting, etc.)

-Propose to CH Council  language for a resolution to reduce plastic waste in food & beverage establishments by making straws, single use utensils, and packaged condiments available by request only

-Explore also banning plastic and Styrofoam containers

-Encourage cities to include/require sustainable practices when renting park pavilions (no plastic or Styrofoam, no metal glitter, no Mylar or latex balloons, no balloon "releases", etc.)

Revitalization of Caledonia Green Space

-Leverage  intersectional work with grassroots groups working on the revitalization of the Noble section of Cleveland Heights to amplify impact and community engagement

-Leverage positive impact of new community playground and build momentum to expand green space access to the communities

Single use plastic bags reduction in Cleveland Heights

-Support and work with Cuyahoga County Ban on education and implementation of the ban on single use plastic bags

-Engage in grassroots pressure campaigns asking local businesses to eliminate plastic bags at the point of sale


Green Space Beautification

-Engage schools and other youth organizations in clean ups and waste reduction discussions

-Continue restoration of Caledonia Ravine 

Amplify Community participation & engagement

-Recycle Drives

-Community Swap


-Plastic Free July - “Take the Challenge”

-Caledonia Day - Community outreach and celebration


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

-Increase the emphasis and public action to REDUCE wherever possible, with Reuse and Recycle as last resorts

-Continue Recycle Right in the Heights program 

-Connect residents with ideas, resources, and programs designed to repair or repurpose 

Programs and Experiences

-Host guest speakers in partnership with local environmentally focused organizations 

-Host hands on workshops on topics related to lessening our impact on the environment

-Participate in local events to engage with the community and raise awareness about resources and ideas to live greener and healthier lives