Items not accepted: tube televisions, light bulbs, hazardous materials, mattresses, wheels, large appliances, and cribs

Goodwill strives to keep as much out of landfills as possible through several local initiatives including partnering with salvage brokers, cardboard recycling and e-cycling. Last year, more than 23 million pounds of goods was diverted from local landfills because of Goodwill efforts.

Donated computers are stripped of personal information, refurbished and sold in Goodwill’s Wired Up stores or online. Not only are electronics diverted from area landfills, but the program also helps bridge the digital divide by increasing availability of affordable technology to the community.

Sales of donated items in Goodwill’s 28 retail stores help Goodwill fund its 28 vital local programs in the community such as job placement for people with disabilities or other.

Recycle clothing, household items, home décor, electronics (working and non-working), toys and books. Learn more by watching this video.